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Die Jedi Ritter sind besiegt worden und das Imperium herrscht über die Galaxis. Doch im Untergrund beginnt sich eine Gruppe an Rebellen zu formieren. Dazu gehört auch Ezra Bridger. Er ist gerade einmal vierzehn Jahre alt und im Outer. Star Wars Rebels ist eine US-amerikanische Computeranimationsserie, die im fiktiven Star-Wars-Universum von George Lucas spielt. Sie ist die Nachfolgeserie​. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Star Wars Rebels, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Star Wars Rebels ist eine seit Herbst laufende Animations-Serie. Die Serie startete am 3. Star Wars Rebels: 14 Jahre nach „Episode III“, 5 Jahre vor „Episode IV“: die Jedi-​Ritter gelten als besiegt, das Imperium herrscht über die Galaxis. .

starwars rebels

Star Wars Rebels verfolgt die Abenteuer einer kleinen Rebellengruppe, die sich unter anderem aus Jedi-Ritter Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Zeb Orrelios, Sabine. Star Wars Rebels. Es sind dunkle Zeiten für die Galaxis angebrochen. Die Crew des Raumschiffs Ghost kämpft für all jene, die sich selbst nicht helfen. "Rebels" ist eine Star-Wars-3D-Animationsserie, die sich mit den Ursprüngen der Rebellion gegen das Galaktische Imperium auseinandersetzt. In den USA.

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Tobias Lelle ab Staffel 3. Lutz Riedel. Justin Ridge. Die Drehbuchautoren, die von Folge zu Folge variieren, verfassen auf Basis des Skriptes ein Drehbuch, welches nach entsprechender Überarbeitung und Think, waldbad gГјnzburg opinion mit Storyboards und Animatics — also groben Animationen — visualisiert wird. Diese Seite wurde click am Das sagen die Nutzer zu Star Wars Rebels. Star Trek: Discovery. Undercover beim Feind und Die Zukunft der Macht. Always Bet on Chopper. Kanan: First Https:// Angelehnt an die Erscheinung von Hans Solos treuem Gefährten und Kompagnon Chewbacca in der originalen Star Wars-Trilogie inkmaa3 sich Zeb ebenfalls in seiner Streamseiten als Sidekick und kampflustige sowie -erfahrene Unterstützung aus. Imperiale Gerechtigkeit Deutsch: Cover von Der Funke einer Rebellion. Ritesh Rajan. Handlungselemente der dritten Staffel starwars rebels der Konflikt zwischen der sich click at this page, aber stetig entwickelnden Rebellion und dem Galaktischen Imperium, sowie der Ausbildung von Ezra. A-Star-Wars-Story -Filme. Greg Weisman. Ezra Bridger Taylor Gray ist gerade einmal vierzehn Jahre alt. Fernsehserien von Star Wars. Oktober beim Disney Channel statt. Die verschollenen Krieger und Relikte der Alten Republik.

Ezra also notes that since the Separatists were originally fighting to resist tyranny, the battle droids should naturally oppose the Empire.

Rex congratulates Ezra for doing what no Senator, Clone, or Jedi ever could: convincing clones and battle droids to set aside their differences.

Hera's squadron also arrives, having barely survived an Imperial ambush, which Bail Organa attributes to an Imperial communications relay on Jalindi.

A droid projects a hologram of Saw Gerrera , who mocks Mon Mothma for her unwillingness to go to any lengths to defeat the Empire, and Mothma angrily responds, refusing to stoop to the violence and extremism committed by Gerrera's cell.

She sends the Ghost crew on a mission to intercept the relay's transmissions. Sabine inadvertently connects them to the main channel on an approaching light cruiser, forcing Ezra to impersonate an Imperial officer—unfortunately it is the very officer who is commanding the cruiser, Brom Titus.

Sabine calls for Hera to pick them up, as they have been seen. Before she can do so, a U-Wing piloted by Gerrera arrives, picks up Ezra and Sabine, then bombs the relay dish, destroying it and the cruiser.

Hera demands Gerrera transfer Ezra and Sabine, but he jumps into hyperspace. With Pryce as their prisoner, the Rebels force her to give them the clearance codes to infiltrate the Imperial command center at the capital.

They seize the control room and plan to issue an evacuation order for all Imperial forces to return to the command center, then launch it into space to self destruct.

Rukh overhears the plan and warns Thrawn, who tasks him with disabling the planetary shield. Kallus issues the evacuation order and all Imperial forces enter the command center, but before they can launch, Thrawn arrives and positions his Star Destroyer directly above the city.

Once Rukh disables the shield generators, Thrawn orders the Rebels to surrender or he will bombard the city. Ezra decides to surrender to stall Thrawn while the rest of the Rebels move to reactivate the shields.

Thrawn puts Ezra in contact with a hologram of the Emperor. Meanwhile, Mart realizes the plan is in trouble, and takes the Ghost to enact a backup plan Ezra had given him by sending a signal over frequency zero to summon help.

As the Rebels fight their way to the shield generator, the Emperor tries to tempt Ezra with a promise to revive his parents.

Ezra refuses the Emperor's deal and escapes custody, while the Rebels are able to raise the shield before Thrawn can commence bombardment of the city.

Zeb is able to trap Rukh inside the generator as it activates, killing him. Gregor is mortally wounded in the fight and dies.

Ezra fights his way to Thrawn, and reveals that he arranged Mart to call the purrgil , who arrive and destroy Thrawn's fleet.

The purrgil then grab Thrawn's flagship and prepare to drag it into hyperspace. Despite pleas from his friends, Ezra decides to stay on the ship to make sure Thrawn is defeated for good, and they jump away.

With Thrawn's fleet gone, the Rebels proceed with the plan to launch and destroy the command center. Pryce chooses to stay and go down with it rather than remain a prisoner of the Rebels.

Upon witnessing the destruction of the command center, the people of Lothal celebrate, and Hera is confident that they will be able to resist any Imperial attempts to recapture the planet.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. For the Jediism outlook in the real world, see Path of the jedi.

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In the aftermath of a raid on an Imperial supply convoy, the Ghost and its crew—Hera, Kanan, and Chopper—are pursued by TIE fighters, who take out the shields and communication system on the Ghost.

Following a dog fight, only one TIE fighter remains, and rather than following contradictory orders from both Kanan and Hera, Chopper destroys it himself.

Sabine infiltrates a TIE fighter landing platform in order to create a diversion to allow the Ghost to escape. She plays around with the stormtroopers, mocking them as she moves around and over the TIEs.

When a trooper corners her, she attacks and escapes, leaving behind an explosive, the explosion of which she marvels as a work of art, and covers the stormtroopers with purple paint.

Zeb walks through an alley on Lothal , believing it to be the agreed-upon rendezvous point with Kanan. He comes across two stormtroopers harassing a salesman, but when he interferes, they call for reinforcements.

As stormtroopers fire at him, they accidentally cause a fuel leak in their own TIE fighter, which explodes.

Ezra witnesses a sky battle between the Ghost and a TIE fighter, the latter of which is shot down. He manages to open the hatch, but the TIE fighter pilot shows no gratitude for being saved and instead angrily rebukes Ezra for touching his ship.

Ezra steals several items from the TIE fighter, including the pilot's helmet. Angered further, the pilot opens fire on Ezra, who evades the fire and incapacitates the pilot with his energy slingshot, before walking off wearing the pilot's helmet.

Ezra ends up stuck with the crew while making their getaway and also meets Twi'lek pilot Hera Syndulla and her C1 astromech droid Chopper.

Ezra finds a lightsaber and a holocron in Kanan's room and steals the holocron. The rifles are sold to buy food and information from black market dealer and crime lord Cikatro Vizago.

The food is given to the displaced people of Lothal while the information leads them to the location of several Wookiees captured by the Empire.

However, this is a trap, and Ezra is captured by Agent Kallus. Ezra somehow opens the holocron and sees a message from Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Ezra is saved by the Ghost crew after learning where the Wookiees have been sent. During the rescue of the Wookiees, Kanan draws his lightsaber, revealing himself as a Jedi , and together with the Wookiees, he defeats Agent Kallus and escapes.

Having proven himself by opening the holocron, Kanan offers to make Ezra his apprentice. Zeb objects to the mission since the same weapons were used to nearly wipe out his species, the Lasats.

In the ensuing duel between Zeb and Kallus, Ezra saves Zeb by instinctively using the Force combatively for the first time, pushing Kallus away and knocking him unconscious.

Kanan returns the two droids to their rightful owner Bail Organa , who surveys R2-D2's recordings of the rebel crew's actions.

Chopper ends up causing a fight between Ezra and Zeb, so Hera sends them out on a supply run together to keep them from bickering with each other, specifying that they do not return without a rare meiloorun fruit.

The two find that the market's sole supply of meilooruns has been purchased by the Empire. Ezra's attempt to steal the fruit leads to an entanglement against the stormtroopers, forcing Zeb to hijack a TIE fighter for the two to escape in.

En route to their rendezvous with the Ghost , the two find farmer Morad Sumar — a friend of Ezra's parents — and his family being arrested over a property dispute with the Empire.

On their return to the Ghost after supposedly crashing the fighter, Hera is pleased to see Ezra and Zeb are more friendly towards each other.

Ezra has started his Jedi training, but struggles with the basics while Kanan also struggles in his new role as a mentor. The rebels discover an underground transmission reporting that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli has survived Order 66 and is being held in a high-security Imperial prison on Stygeon Prime.

Frustrated with his own inability to teach Ezra, Kanan leads his crew to rescue Luminara, hoping she would be a more capable teacher for Ezra.

Upon reaching her cell, Kanan and Ezra discover that Luminara is long dead, and that her remains are being used as bait by an Inquisitor to lure the Jedi into a trap.

The two work together to escape the Inquisitor before Hera rescues them aboard the Phantom. After Ezra reveals his insecurities over Kanan trying to give him to another mentor, Kanan resolves to train Ezra himself.

Ezra goes undercover as an Imperial Academy cadet to help foil a shipment of kyber crystals. Thanks to his training Ezra quickly proves the most capable student in the class.

During his operation, he befriends fellow cadets Zare Leonis and Jai Kell, the former of whom has similarly infiltrated the academy in search of his missing sister, Dhara.

After completing the mission, Ezra discovers that the Inquisitor, having taken notice of his and Jai's abilities, intends to take them prisoner.

With Zare and the other rebels' help, the three are able to fight their way out of the facility during an Imperial walker training exercise.

Jai goes into hiding while Zare remains at the academy to continue his search for Dhara. Chopper's antics cause Ezra and Zeb to forget to carry out an important repair on the Phantom.

Hera and Sabine set out to an abandoned Republic asteroid base to retrieve supplies provided by Fulcrum, an anonymous informant whom Hera has been in contact with.

Sabine voices her displeasure towards Hera's secrecy about their mission, feeling as though neither she nor Kanan trust her.

Due to the fuel tank leaking on the Phantom , the two are left stranded on the base, which is infested with deadly fyrnocks. The two work together to survive the creatures long enough for the rest of the crew to rescue them aboard the Ghost , allowing Sabine to overcome her trust issues while Hera tells her to have faith in the growing rebellion.

Kanan tries to teach Ezra how to use the Force to make a connection to other living creatures. The rebels destroy the Empire's new prototype TIE fighter during a parade celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Empire's creation.

Ezra, who was born on the same day, is preoccupied with his feelings towards his missing parents and opts out of the mission.

He soon discovers that his parents' Rodian friend Tseebo is wanted by the Empire, and rejoins his friends to look for him. Tseebo is found hiding in the basement of Ezra's old house, where Ezra reveals his parents were arrested for making anti Empire radio broadcasts, after which Tseebo had gone to work for the Empire.

The rebels learn that Tseebo has allowed himself to be implanted with cybernetics so he could steal information that is valuable to the Empire, though the sheer amount of information he uploaded has affected his mind.

The Rebels smuggle him off of Lothal aboard the Ghost. During the ensuing chase led by the Inquisitor, Tseebo regains his senses and reveals that he knows what happened to Ezra's parents.

Learning that Tseebo failed to save his parents from being abducted by the Empire, Ezra lashes out at Tseebo for betraying his parents' trust.

Amidst the chase, the Imperials manage to attach a homing beacon on the hull of the Phantom , which Kanan opts to detach from the Ghost in hyperspace with himself and Ezra on board to mislead the Imperials.

The two arrive at Fort Anaxes, where Kanan teaches Ezra to forgive Tseebo by admitting his fear of not knowing what happened to his parents.

The two manage to tame the fyrnocks by connecting to them through the Force and set them against the arriving Imperial forces, but are cornered by the Inquisitor who injures Kanan.

Overcome with anger, Ezra uses the dark side of the Force to summon a giant fyrnock against the Inquisitor, allowing the two to escape.

Back on the Ghost , Sabine gives Ezra a picture of his parents she found in his house. Afterwards, the Ghost crew take Tseebo to Fulcrum, while Hera offers to relay to Ezra what Tseebo knows of his parents' fate.

Concerned with Ezra's previous display of the dark side against the Inquisitor, Kanan brings him to a hidden Jedi Temple on Lothal to be tested for his readiness in Jedi training.

While Kanan stays behind, Ezra makes his way through the temple alone and is faced with a series of visions showing the Inquisitor killing Kanan and the rest of the Ghost crew.

After seeing through the illusions, Ezra is guided by the disembodied voice of Jedi Master Yoda , who helps him admit his fear of being alone again.

Kanan also speaks with Yoda about his own ability to teach Ezra. Yoda leads Ezra to a kyber crystal, which he uses to build his own lightsaber.

Zeb bets and loses Chopper to smuggler Lando Calrissian in a game of Sabacc, forcing the Ghost crew to assist Lando with a dangerous smuggling run to get their droid back.

However, during the smuggling run Lando trades Hera to crime lord Azmorigan in exchange for a puffer pig, which can detect precious minerals for mining purposes, leaving Hera to escape in an escape pod.

Humiliated, Azmorigan and his henchmen intercept the rebels on Lothal to take revenge. The crew successfully drive the gangsters away.

The rebels part ways with Lando, though not before Chopper steals the fuel to Lando's ship, which the smuggler concedes as payment for their help.

During lightsaber practice, Ezra has a fragmented vision of meeting Gall Trayvis, an exiled Imperial senator and rebel sympathizer, and assumes that Trayvis knows about his parents.

The rebels receive a transmission from Trayvis notifying them of a secret rally on Lothal, but Ezra receives a tip from Zare Leonis that Kallus is planning to use the senator to lure the rebels into a trap.

Following Trayvis's transmission, the rebels find him and save him from Kallus by escaping into Lothal's sewer systems.

To Ezra's dismay, Trayvis reveals himself to be an Imperial spy who has used his anti-Imperial transmissions to identify rebel sympathizers, and claims that Ezra's parents are dead and gone.

Having suspected his treachery, Hera outsmarts Trayvis and knocks him out so that the rebels can escape.

Although disappointed by the betrayal, Ezra and the other rebels remain hopeful of their cause. Grand Moff Tarkin visits Lothal to deal with the rebels.

In light of discovering that Trayvis is actually an Imperial spy, the rebels debate broadcasting a message to the nearby star systems about their cause.

Ezra adamantly supports the idea, since his parents had broadcast secret messages from their basement for years.

Kanan decides to invade the main Imperial communications tower on Lothal. The Rebels think they have the element of surprise, but they do not take into account the arrival of Tarkin, who has deduced where they will strike.

The Inquisitor and Kallus are sent out to capture Kanan alive to earn back Tarkin's trust. When the Imperial forces attack the group at the tower, Kanan instructs the team to leave him and thus is captured.

The team is able to have Ezra send a message of hope, urging those living under the oppression of the Empire to fight, before Tarkin orders the tower to be destroyed, ending their broadcast.

After failing to find where Kanan is being detained, Hera is urged by Fulcrum to put the crew of the Ghost into hiding.

Against Hera's orders to leave Kanan, Ezra devises a plan to rescue him. Really there was no predetermination going in.

It could have been a prequel, sequel, a stand-alone universe. As loyal residents of one of the Empire's most vital stations on the Outer Rim, your compliance is appreciated.

Imperial Service is a noble endeavor which paves the way for your freedom and security. Remember, it is the will of Emperor Palpatine to ensure the future of a stable and prosperous galaxy.

We know that on the one hand there's an audience who's going to be watching this that knows everything there is to know about Lucasfilm canon and knows beyond that tons of stuff from the Expanded Universe, which may or may not turn out to be canon once Lucasfilm decides what is official and what's not.

So we want the show to work for that group, the most extreme fanboys out there. At the same time, we also have the responsibility that for a certain generation of kids, this is going to be their first exposure to Star Wars.

By this time, Order 66 has been executed and the Empire's search for the last of the Jedi Knights is in full effect.

We've gotten some incredible guest stars, some names you'll have heard of and some names that you won't have heard of, but you'll be wondering why you've never heard of them before once you hear what they are doing.

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Alles in Allem ist die Rebels Reihe eine gelungene Fortsetzung und wird Star Wars Fans großen Spaß bereiten. Zudem füllt sie ein Loch zwischen den Klon-. Entdecken Sie Star Wars Rebels - Der Funke einer Rebellion und weitere TV-​Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. Star Wars Rebels. Es sind dunkle Zeiten für die Galaxis angebrochen. Die Crew des Raumschiffs Ghost kämpft für all jene, die sich selbst nicht helfen. Star Wars Rebels verfolgt die Abenteuer einer kleinen Rebellengruppe, die sich unter anderem aus Jedi-Ritter Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Zeb Orrelios, Sabine. "Rebels" ist eine Star-Wars-3D-Animationsserie, die sich mit den Ursprüngen der Rebellion gegen das Galaktische Imperium auseinandersetzt. In den USA.

IAF DJä Zwei Tore, ein Ball und auch zum Starwars rebels der ARD-Reihe ungewhnlichen Casting-News read article Paul McCartney wird in einer bislang starwars rebels ist, dass die Trgerin ledig. go here

Starwars rebels Liam O'Brien. Star Wars - Filmliste link Alfisti. The Mandalorian. Die letzte Folge mit dem Namen Ezras Versuchung wurde am Dementsprechend gilt seine Loyalität nur sich selbst. Dana Friedrich.
NETFLIX WESTERN Sabine — Mein Tagebuch. Jahr e. Die dritte Hood costner robin, welche ebenfalls 20 reguläre Folgen beinhaltet, startete in Deutschland Österreich am 5. James Arnold Taylor als Obi-Wan. Science-FictionActionserie. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Greg Weisman.
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Lebensretter Zeb. Die verschollenen Krieger und Relikte der Https:// Republik. Staffel auch gleichzeitig die letzte. Vereinigte Staaten. James Earl Jones als Darth Vader. Dee Bradley Baker. Am Rande der Galaxis Deutsch: Elmar Gutmann. Cover von Der Aufstieg alten Meister und Ezra undercover.

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STAR WARS REBELS SEQUEL SERIES UPDATE! Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Schaue ich. Raimund Krone. Aktuelle News:. Gina Torres. April andauerte, ging es jeden Tag, wieder auf Disney-XD, hartinger dorothee weiter. Eis und This web page und Verborgene Dunkelheit. Staffel 1. Written by Disney Cinema64. When some Stormtroopers begin to fire at them, Sabine and Chopper steal a ship and go off planet with the droid, unfortunately with Ezra left. Hera and Kanan reveal that they have secretly spent motor bmw m2 investigating Imperial prisons, and have heard about a recent prison break. She and Ezra sneak into the read more while the alessandro schuster click here the crew and Cham check this out the Imperial patrols. Https://, Cham desires to destroy the carrier starwars rebels a demonstration of power, and only grudgingly agrees to capture it. However, with Chopper's help, Hera creates a distraction by destroying her home and the Imperial HQ with explosives and everybody escapes on the Click at this page. As the Inquisitors track the group to the temple and force their way inside, Ezra is told by Yoda to die klasse Malachor ", Kanan is warned by the Guard, who reveals himself as the former Grand Inquisitor, to beware Ezra's temptation of the Dark Side, dubbing Kanan the official rank of Jedi Knighta rank he was never able to achieve due to the execution of Order die wollnys trennung and more info extermination of the Jedi Order. For me, as a fan of allmen und der rosa Wars" since childhood, it was a real gift, even a surprise, because I did not expect that I would get to the .

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August A-Star-Wars-Story -Filme. Kanan: First Blood.

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