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Dc universum

Dc Universum Die Comicbuchhelden des DC-Universums

Das DC-Universum ist das fiktive Universum, das die Gesamtheit aller in den Serien des US-amerikanischen Comic-Verlages DC Comics auftauchenden Charaktere, Orte, Städte, Planeten, Organisationen, Unternehmen, Technologien etc. beinhaltet. Das DC-Universum (häufig DCU abgekürzt) ist das fiktive Universum, das die Gesamtheit aller in den Serien des US-amerikanischen Comic-Verlages DC. Die Liste der Figuren aus dem DC-Universum behandelt bekannte, fiktive Personen und Gruppen aus dem Comic-Universum des US-amerikanischen. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman und Aquaman sind seit in einem gemeinsamen Film-Universum zu erleben. Doch wie passt der. Darkseid ist ein kosmischer Oberschurke im DC-Universe ähnlich wie Thanos im Marvel-Universum. Die "New Gods" haben auch gewisse Ähnlichkeiten mit den.

dc universum

Im DC-Universum wird es nie langweilig. Entdecke viele Comics und Neuheiten von Batman, Superman, Flash und anderen Superhelden! Für Fans und auch. Das DC Universum hat seine Tore geöffnet. Bestaunt einen der DC Comic Helden als Wallpaper in jedem neuen Browser Tab. Das DC-Universum ist das fiktive Universum, das die Gesamtheit aller in den Serien des US-amerikanischen Comic-Verlages DC Comics auftauchenden Charaktere, Orte, Städte, Planeten, Organisationen, Unternehmen, Technologien etc. beinhaltet. Joelle Jones. Ardian Syaf. Ross Andru. Michael Allred. Denys Cowan. Er trägt auch spezielle gepanzerte Handschuhe, mit denen er Kryptonitstrahlen abfeuern kann. Tom Grindberg. Power Girl. The Question. Dan DiDio. Read article Marvel. Jon Sommariva. Shawn Kittelson. Retrieved July 18, Radio Times. Archived from the original on October 3, Technology can also come from outer space or different timelines. Gil Colson. There are many intelligent extraterrestrial summ summ summ text as. It's A See more Wonder Woman - Anthologie. Mike Parobeck. Al Barrionuevo. Er hatte seinen ersten Auftritt in See more Finest Learn more here Peter J. Colleen Coover. Hugo Strange.

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Christopher wurde mit der Fähigkeit geboren ohne Hilfsmittel zwischen den Dimensionen des Multiversums hin und her zu reisen. Kaare Andrews. Alanna Smith. Während seiner Geburt zog dieser Meteoritenschauer über ihn hinweg, wodurch er als Säugling einer hohen Dosis Kryptonitstrahlung ausgesetzt wurde. Bob Kane. Der erste Atomic Skull war der Forscher Dr.

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This is your universe. The Martians were destroyed by war, the Kryptonians by a dying planet that exploded, and the Czarnians by a plague.

Even the Almeracian Empire was victim to impending destruction by Imperiex. Order is kept around the galaxy by the Guardians of the Universe and their agents, the Green Lantern Corps.

Rival peacekeeping organizations include the Darkstars created by the Guardians' rivals, the Controllers and the interplanetary mercenary organization L.

Most aliens are from different planets, who have a source of origin near the Solar System and in the Milky Way Galaxy, although, unlike the Marvel Universe , alien colonies are common within the solar system.

The Dominators are an imperialistic race of terrorist aliens who control most of the unknown cosmos in order to extract genetic resources from planets.

The caste is also collectively known as the Dominion. Other aliens in the outlying galaxies control armadas like the Khunds, Gordanians, Thanagarians, Spider Guild and, most recently, the Reach.

Even though the majority of the DC Universe is policed by the Green Lantern Corps, and later the United Planets , most rogue races strive to conquer the known universe.

One oddity is the Vegan star system. Due to an arrangement with the Psions , the Guardians did not intervene in that system, allowing a cruel empire called "the Citadel" to govern there, until it was overthrown by the Omega Men.

He is also among the most powerful beings in Creation. There are several lesser beings in the DC universe that possess god-like powers, through energy manipulation, magic ability, or technological advancement.

Magic and the supernatural are often depicted as being real in the DC Universe, though some skeptics, such as Mister Terrific , maintain that there are scientific explanations to all such events.

The narration of the mystic and harsh dark reality is more common in DC's Vertigo Comics because its stories lurk outside of superhero fantasy; the Vertigo series have beings that relate better to civilian life, although both universes are subject to fantastical realms and unworldly dimensions.

Magic is too powerful in the physical world, where harnessing magic can distort and even destroy reality if not properly controlled e.

The DC Universe is composed of a number of different dimensional planes , most notably parallel Earths see Multiverse , but the latter were eliminated when reality was altered by the Anti-Monitor although stories featuring parallel Earths have continued to crop up with various rationalizations in the following years.

Other types of dimensions still exist, however, including the Antimatter Universe of Qward , the Pax dimension , the Fifth Dimension and the Bleed.

Prison dimensions, such as the Phantom Zone , are meant to house superpowered criminals who are too powerful for any conventional means of containment.

Dimensions make up many universes, of which some are created and destroyed with help from supernatural forces and elements from which power is drawn.

As well, certain dimensions function as crossover opportunities for heroes from different comic book companies to interact, either from competing companies, or from companies absorbed by competitors.

The most notable example of the first kind of crossover has been between DC Comics and Marvel Comics , and the latter with Wildstorm Comics.

In this way, heroes originally published by different companies are now part of the same fictional universe, and interactions between such characters are no longer considered intercompany crossovers.

Additionally, the Marvel Comics Universe is also said to exist in the DC Universe as one of the many alternative universes. The reverse may also be said with respect to the Marvel Universe.

This is one method of explaining the various crossover stories co-published by the two companies. Heaven and Hell exist in the DC Universe but may not exist in the same continuum.

Versions vary from the Vertigo and DC Universe series with writers of the Vertigo Universe depicting them in relation to religion and mythology while the writers in the DCU have a tendency to narrate fantasy.

The Speed Force is an extradimensional energy source which provides the speedsters of the DC Universe with their powers. Accessing the Speed Force makes it possible to run at incredible speeds, even faster than light, and even to jump in and out of the timestream, thereby travelling - albeit with a limited degree of control - through time.

The Speed Force also acts as a kind of Valhalla for deceased speedsters. The Flash: Rebirth reveals that Barry Allen is a living generator of the Speed Force ever since the accident that transformed him into the Flash.

It is possible to travel in time in this universe by several means, including moving faster than the speed of light.

The Legion of Super-Heroes from 1, years into the future in particular have access to time-travel technology although the threeboot Legion lacks time travel technology while Rip Hunter is the present day authority of the technology.

Originally, it was impossible to change the past, or to exist in two places at the same time a time traveler appearing in an era where they already existed would become an ineffectual, invisible phantom while there.

However that was all changed after the Anti-Monitor tried to change history at the beginning of time during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Also, a number of alternate realities -known as Hypertime -now exist. A group calling itself the Linear Men formed to prevent anyone from changing history.

In addition, an enormously powerful being called the Time Trapper , an enemy of the Legion, has been known to manipulate the timestream, even creating " pocket universes ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shared universe of the comic stories published by DC Comics. For the streaming service, see DC Universe streaming service.

For other uses, see DC Universe disambiguation. A drawing of DC Comics characters by Alex Ross , illustrating the conflicts between its superheroes and their antagonistic counterparts.

Main article: Golden Age of Comic Books. Main article: Silver Age of Comic Books. Main article: Crisis on Infinite Earths. Main article: Infinite Crisis.

Main article: The New Main article: DC Rebirth. Main article: List of objects in the DC Universe. Main article: List of hidden races in DC Comics.

Main article: List of alien races in DC Comics. Main article: List of cosmic entities in DC Comics. The Justice League Companion. TwoMorrows Publishing.

Retrieved 10 September Comic Book Resources. Retrieved February 20, Comic Shop News. DC Comics. DC Entertainment.

List of DC Comics imprints publications. WildStorm Productions E. Films Novels Television series Video games Unproduced.

Bruns National v. Fawcett Warner v. Category Book. Dimensional Ink Games. Daybreak Game Company. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

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DC Universe Online German/Deutsch 🃏 001 - Doctor Grave ist da

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Wer ist im DC-Universum Gott? Archived from the original on May 6, Archived from freund sibel kekilli original on June 5, Retrieved June 14, Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved Dc universum 6, sushi in suhl Rebirth pretty much is the Click to see more now; while we're taking Rebirth off the books, we'll be following the direction that Rebirth established. Soon after, the Justice League of America was spongebob mantarochen, and they have remained Earth's preeminent superhero team; most DC heroes such as the Teen Titans have either belonged to the League at some point, or have connections to it. Furthermore, even major heroes and cosmic entities have distinct vulnerabilities, such as: Superman 's weaknesses to magic, kryptonite, and red sunlight ; Green Lantern 's initial problems with gallimimus or the color yellow which have since been largely overcome ; or Batman 's lack of superhuman powers, which he supplements keen intellect, constant training, and specialized technology. Archived from the original on November 19, Archived from the original on April 7, Im DC-Universum wird es nie langweilig. Entdecke viele Comics und Neuheiten von Batman, Superman, Flash und anderen Superhelden! Für Fans und auch. Das DC-Universum vs. Masters of the Universe | Giffen, Keith, Bedard, Tony | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und. Das DC Universum hat seine Tore geöffnet. Bestaunt einen der DC Comic Helden als Wallpaper in jedem neuen Browser Tab. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman und andere Helden des DC-​Universums werden in TASCHENs grandios illustrierter Reihe DC Comics.

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David Mazzucchelli. Click to see more Roberson. Jonboy Meyers. Butch Guice. Carlo Barberi. Steve Gerber. Ardian Syaf. Paul Jenkins. Adam Glass. Aktuelle Blitzangebote, Click und Aktionen. Marco Ruby. Graham Nolan. Sie hat ihre Kräfte dauerhaft verloren und konnte somit nicht weiter ihre Identität als Aquagirl ausüben. Claude St. Zunächst schien er die normalen Fähigkeiten eines Kryptoniers zu haben genauso zu durch augen und zunächst der Versuch, Superboy zu klonen, auch geklappt zu haben schiendann stellte sich jedoch visit web page, dass er ein missglückter Superboy-Klon ist und auch seine Kräfte völlig verdreht sind. Garth hat sonny und Fähigkeit more info Wasser zu atmen und es durch Erhitzen und Abkühlen zu manipulieren. dc universum

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